Abruzzo Holidays

Abruzzo fascinates. Here we are at the gates of the south, or Mezzogiorno, as it often is called in Italian. The difference from the rich neighboring region of Le Marche is tangible. In the villages in the mountainous interior of Abruzzo the old women are dressed in black. Dialect is often so local that it is impossible to understand even for people with a good grasp of Italia.

Many are illiterate. Nobody seems to know where England is !. But people are smiling and laughing and offer wonderfully delicious food. Moreover the nature of The Abruzzo region is strikingly beautiful. In 1923 the Abruzzo National Park was founded. Today, Parco d’Abruzzo, is about 44 000 hectares, of which 33 000 hectares are located within the region’s borders. The rich flora includes about 1700 plant species. As regards the fauna there is the most famous wolf inhabitants of Abruzzo, but there are also many different animals and about three hundred species of birds.

Villa Holidays in Abruzzo

1) James Villas – Have 2 villas in Pietrantica and 1 in Cesena.

2) Holiday Lettings – Have over 100 villas / apartments in Le March & Abruzzo sleeping all the way up to 15 people. Compare flights to either Ancona or Rimini and pre book your car-hire.

Today there are a number of retreats in mountainous part of Abruzzo area, it is here that the Milanese come for a couple weeks of peace and quiet and de-stressing. Both the Gran Sasso and Maielle are national parks. In Abruzzo you can go skiing in the morning and anemone umbrella drinks on the beach in the afternoon. The southern part of the Abruzzo coast called pinjerivieran on the foundation of its wealth of great pine trees along the wide sandy beach. Here we find the picturesque seaside resorts in Silvi Marina, Montesilvano and Pineto.

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