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Booking Direct with Barcelo Hotels

More and more in the travel industry we are seeing a trend towards people booking direct with the actual owners of the products. Sorry for the jargon, what I mean is, in the past people have booked through tour operators and travel agencies and starting with airlines – thanks to the Internet – people now book direct. There are advantages to this :

1) Cutting out the middle man – Cutting out agencies and operators can mean that the hotels and airlines are able to save money on commission and therefore offer hotels and flights cheaper. Tour operators will argue that they bulk buying power though so it is often cheaper to go through the likes of  Tui.

2) Less chance of mistakes – Ever heard of Chinese whispers ?, the less people and computer systems involved in your booking the less chance of there being a misunderstanding.

The disadvantages are that it now means you might have to go to many different websites until you have found what you are looking for or you might make a mistake with one of your bookings. That brings me onto Barcelo hotels as an example – I like their site because they have a best rate guarantee which means they will aim to offer the lowest rates for their hotels on their website and guarantee to match a better rate if one exists. They also have a choice between 100% flexible rates and cheaper promotional rates that incur charges if you cancel the booking.

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