Bogota Flight

We had an enquiry today for a return flight to Bogota, Colombia in June. Quite specific dates for one person.

Here’s what we found. . . . First stop was Opodo because they have some special fares with Iberia which came out at £499 from Heathrow via Madrid. Not bad. I double checked these at the Iberia website and found Opodo to be cheaper.

Then I noticed the customer lived in Bristol but had requested London. I therefore looked to see what I get from Bristol, again Opodo came up with something interesting – Air France via Paris at £541. I then had a look at and found that by going direct I was able to shave another tenner off the cost. The customer has now booked the Bristol to Bogota itinerary, saying that an extra £30 was easily worth it given the time and money saved.

The moral of the story is – for flights like this when you won’t be able to fly direct anyway – if you live anywhere but London, don’t assume a trip to Heathrow or Gatwick is vital, you may be able to enjoy the convenience of flying from your local airport, and you can still do a 1 stop flight, the same as if you had left from Heathrow. Between them Air France and KLM cover a wide range of UK departure points from Aberdeen down to Southampton and lots more in between.

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