Cheap Holidays – the elusive beast. The first rule of cheap holidays is that the person sitting next to you on the flight paid a lot more than you for the exact same holiday. You might later meet someone by the pool who got an even cheaper holiday. So how do you get to book yourself a bargain package holiday ?

  • Book Online – To keep their costs as low as possible tour operators and travel agencies encourage customers to book online with exclusive discounts for web bookings.
  • Book early – This applies mostly to the highest demand holiday periods, notably the school holidays and Christmas / New Year.
  • Book late – You can get the cheapest holiday by leaving it until the last minute. You do run the risk of not going anywhere though or seriously restricting the choice of holidays you can go on.

Cheapest Beach Holidays and

Below is just a small selection to showcase some of the thousands of cheap holiday offers from easyJet Holidays –

You will often find the cheapest package holidays are in the period before Christmas and also in January. Travelling on “strange” dates can also be a clever way to get a great holiday deal. Holidays leaving on the first of January or returning on 24th December or 25th December are examples that holiday companies have to reduce in price in order to encourage people to travel.

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