Looking for cheap train tickets today and found a great feature at thetrainline.com. They have a new search feature called farefinder which is similar to what you might have seen on airline websites – You put in the route you want to travel and the dates and it brings up a matrix view of the cheapest fares on the day and days around you asked for. If you are very flexible you can switch to the monthly view and see a whole month at a time. Once you have found the cheap train tickets you want it’s easy to book online. One thing we like about booking at thetrainline is that you get to set a preference on if you want front or rear facing seats, table seat, quiet zone, near luggage rack etc. In terms of delivery, you can have the train tickets delivered by first class post or pick them up at a station. I read recently in the travel press that soon you will be able to print your tickets at home which will also be handy.

One drawback with the new farefinder tool is that you can only search for cheap train tickets on their top 100 routes, so for example Bristol to London is no problem but for something like Abergavenny to Crewe you would have to do a normal search. Apparently more routes will be added soon.

Have a look at : thetrainline.com

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