Three best road trips worldwide

1) Tasmania, Australia – One of my favourite places, Tasmania feels like a country in it’s own right. Something like a mix of Australia and New Zealand. Drive from Hobart along the coast to stunning Wineglass Bay. Followed by the Cradle Mountain National Park and then continue to Port Arthur. Tasmania is a great food and drink destiantion with some superb local organic food.

2) Route 66, from Chicago to Los Angeles the whole length of route 66 is around two and a half thousand miles but route 66 is more an idea than fact in this day and age as it is no longer recognised as a state highway.

3) Reykjavik to Akureyri – see the power of nature and some of the amazing range of geological features and landscapes Iceland offers visitors. Waterfalls, glaciers and a geyser are all on offer on this 200 mile journey.