Direct flights to Canada from the UK take between five and ten hours depending on which route you choose – that shows how huge Canada is. Flying to Vancouver on the West Coast you are looking at a ten hour flight, while you can fly to St. John’s Newfoundland in a little over five hours.

Using a mix of flights from Thomas Cook Airlines, Air Transat & WestJet direct flights to Canada are available at The UK specialist Canadian Affair. Flying a mixed fleet of 757 and Airbus A310 the flights are available to Torronto, Edmonton, Ottawa, Halifax, Montreal, Vancouver, Fredericton, and Calgary from an impressively wide range of UK airports. Other options for Canada flights are British Airways and also comparing flights at or

July to August and Christmas are the most expensive times to fly from UK to Canada. To get cheap flights to Canada you typically need to book in advance with a scheduled airline or book late with a charter airline. Some ski companies sometimes sell off their charter flights to Canada cheap once they get to within a few weeks of departure and if they have sufficient seats left over. In terms of last minute deals on Canada flights (and to a lesser extent holidays), now is a good time to book your flights for departure.