Intrepid Travel Discount

It’s enough of a surprise to run into an old friend in your hometown, but when it happens while you are overseas it seems impossible. Intrepid Travel co-founder Darrell Wade remembers such a moment, “I was working one evening, chatting via email to a colleague in Switzerland. I left work in Australia, flew to Beijing, was picked up by a friend at the airport and we went straight to the Wall to enjoy a beautiful spring morning. After a short walk I hear “Darrell?” I turned around and it was Ruth – the very same person from Switzerland I was emailing the night before. Turns out we both shut down our computers and went straight to the airport. Neither of us had even mentioned we were off travelling!”

Surprise meetings with old friends, or discovering that you have an unexpected connection with new friends, can be the unpredictable fun of travel. Throughout November Intrepid expects the unexpected with our new range of short break adventures.

Short break adventures are ideally suited to the free spirited adventurous independent traveller. Short breaks offer the freedom and flexibility of independent travel while removing the hassle of travelling on your own. To celebrate the launch of these new adventures, and our all new 2010 brochures, Intrepid Travel are offering a 10% discount to anyone that books a short break adventure in November.

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