Rome City Breaks

Recognize its history and enjoy pasta, Parma ham, ice-cream and wine. In Rome, it tastes better than anywhere else. If you are thinking of taking a city break to Rome here is our advice.

Hotel Booking Rome

When booking a hotel in Rome your best bet is to get something centrally located to either the historical sites or close to major shopping streets. If you like a bit of calm you stay in the green and exclusive district of Via Condotti. Here lies the main shopping street Via Cola di Rienzo, and it’s about a 15-20 minute walk to the Vatican and Spanish Steps. You can also get a hotel right in the historical parts, or near the train station Stazione Termini, from where you are within walking distance of the opera and the shopping street Via Nazionale.

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Food and Drink in Rome

It needs to be said many times: the Italian food is fantastic. Forget about international cuisine when you travel here, here is Italian food in force. Shellfish, fish and meat, and especially pasta and pizza, nowhere does it tastes better than in Rome. Here the food is both cooked and eaten with love, so take your time and enjoy both dinner and party. And if you have a sweet tooth after eating there are delightful desserts. How about tiramisu or the best Italian ice cream or sorbet? To the food they drink wine, of course, a drop of Italian goes down a treat.

Roma Football and culture

Romans compared to football is a love story worth experiencing. Go on a derby between Roma and Lazio with 80,000 others at Stadio Olimpico, you need not be especially interested in soccer in order to find it fascinating. If it’s highbrow culture you’re after then there are plenty of theatres and concerts year round. For the party-hungry the Rome district of Testaccio is a hot tip. There are many bars and nightclubs, and if are you girl, you’ll often into discos free. Italians are very happy to finish the evening with a chat over a cup of coffee.

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Excursions in Rome

All roads lead to Rome, as we know, and it is not difficult to understand why. Once this was the world’s capital and wherever you are you can still breathe the city’s history. Monuments, medieval churches, Renaissance fountains and palaces testify of old days, but also makes today’s Rome, a city which must be experienced. Vatican – a country and city, which is the Catholic Church and the Pope’s home. Here is Peter’s Basilica, the world’s largest church and the Sistine Chapel with its magnificent ceiling paintings by Michelangelo. You can’t miss the Colosseum – a huge amphitheatre that was built in 72-80 AD. Up to 50,000 visitors could watch the bloody gladiatorial games from here.

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Shopping in Rome

Rome is one of Europe’s ultimate shopping cities. Italian fashion, designer bags, trendy shoes and jewelry make it difficult to keep your wallet closed. Several of the leading fashion houses such as Gucci, Armani and Versace are represented here. Their stores are well worth a visit. If you have travelled to Rome for the culinary experience then wine, cheese and salami might be something to bring home. The latest in interior design is also showcased here in the many wonderful shops.

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