Swim with Sharks on Holiday

Sharm el Sheikh This resort is known for being a terrific place to go snorkeling and scuba diving. There are all sorts of interesting creatures to see under the water here so you’ll be entertained throughout the time that you’re diving in the area. Of course, it’s the sharks that you’re really there to see and they’ll certainly accommodate you.

Dominican Republic Last time I was in Dominican Republic, I was fortunate enough to take a snorkel with sharks and rays excursion from Bavaro. It’s a great excursion that only takes up a morning, you get picked up by the boat then you do normal snorkeling before going into a pen where they keep sharks and manta rays. What a buzz ! On the way back there is dancing and rum, crew and staff were excellent.

Maldives Located in the Indian Ocean, these amazing tropical islands are now available with major tour opertors Tui and Thomas Cook. If you do book a holiday to The Maldives, you will find that the resorts here offer unique activities including the possibility of a shark swim. It is said to be one of the safer places to swim with sharks and is favoured by people who want to take their children on the expedition.

Australia There aren’t too many places in the world that are better known for the beauty of their coastline than Australia. If you get the chance to travel to the amazing Great Barrier Reef, challenge yourself to dive into that water with the sharks that love the location as much as you will. South Australia and the West Coast of Australia also offers some great opportunities to go diving in shark waters.

The Bahamas If you want to encounter more than just one type of shark, the Bahamas is a great place to do it because it’s got the best diversity of any other shark diving location. Sharks here range from the Great White down to the smallest runts in the shark litter. You’ll be swimming cage free on the tours that are given here; just wait for the tour guide to toss some bait into the water and then join the sharks for their food fest. Try not to get mistaken for the meal! West End, Grand Bahama is a favourite place for many people who are seeking to swim with Tiger Sharks but the tours in that area do require cages.

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