Holidays in Britain

Holidays in Britain have been one of the success stories of and UK holidays for are booking equally well so far. Favourite destinations for UK holidays for people from the UK are London, Edinburgh, Bath, York and Brighton. Here are some of our articles relating to a holiday in the UK….

Warner Hotels – Specially designed short breaks for adults only. Choose from relaxation / pamper breaks or more adventurous holidays where you can learn a new skill or enjoy a hobby such as dancing.

Ramada Jarvis – With over 40 hotels in England, Scotland and Wales a good choice for either UK seaside or big city break.

Cheap Train Tickets – With the who have added a useful cheap ticket finder to their website. See also Mega Trains for low cost train tickets (if you book early enough).

Haven Holidays – Family friendly holiday parks throughout the UK.

Some people are choosing UK holidays to help support the British economy, others think that holidaying at home can be less hassle than flying abroad. The UK is also a popular destination as a second or extra holiday with weekend breaks a popular choice. Whatever the reasons, there are some great deals to be had on a massive range of UK holidays when you book your travel online. British holidays have a lot to offer. The weak pound / strong Euro means we might be getting an influx of foreign tourists to the UK this summer so it might be wise to book early.

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